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Advantis Medical Imaging | Eindhoven, Netherlands & Athens, Greece
Industry: Healthcare/Life Sciences | Sub-Industry: Medical Devices

Advantis offers Advantis Platform, a pure web-based and automated medical imaging software platform for the analysis of brain and prostate MRI exams. It is intended to assist trained healthcare professionals to achieve a more timely and reliable diagnosis of severe human pathologies such as neurological disorders, traumatic brain injury, brain cancer and prostate cancer. Advantis alleviates the growing workload of radiology departments by standardising the exam processing workflow, reducing the analysis time and increasing the reliability of the processed results. The company is present in 6 countries and has already obtained FDA clearance and CE Mark certification for its brain MRI solution.

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logo hummingbirds AI 2022


Hummingbirds AI Inc. | Florida, United States
Industry: High Tech 1 | Sub-Industry: Cybersecurity

We are an innovative cybersecurity company, providing touchless continuous authentication through facial matching for security, productivity, and compliance.

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Imago Aerospace | Mexico
Industry: General | Sub-Industry: Aerospace

At Imago we use unmanned aircraft to deliver critical goods to rural Mexico.
In Mexico, flooded roads, lack of infrastructure and dangerous zones make rural logistics hard. And we're Mexicans ourselves, so we understand these problems best. Using UAVs, we want to be the go-to partner for rural logistics. Our planes are safer, faster and more efficient than ground transport.
Right now we are focused on the health sector. Just in Mexico, there are nearly 5000 hospitals. However, shortages in these hospitals are common and even for basic medicines, families have to travel hours to large cities.
With our UAV, this is a problem of the past. Our UAV flies like a plane but lands vertically, just like a helicopter. Its range of 220 miles and payload of 45 lbs are unmatched in our sector. First flight is in January. Stay tuned for that. And If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Kidogo Production | Massachusetts, United States
Industry: Social Impact | Sub-Industry: Entertainment & Media

One day my daughter told me she was sad that she didn’t look like Elsa. My heart broke. And even more so knowing that children’s media often depicts the color black as bad. Since young, impressionable children on average consume almost 20 hours a week of screentime, low self-esteem and bias can start early. This long-lasting poison has a cure– authentically positive portrayals of the African Diaspora for kids. The Kidogo Brand is building a worldwide community to nurture preschoolers with multimedia content (like curated videos, interactive activities and live events), which is wholesome and a culturally-rich reflection of Black joy and Black excellence.Thanks to Mass Challenge, we have accelerated our product roadmap and are currently raising an Angel round to complete the development of our app and to expand our creator program.

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Robbi | Germany
Industry: Social Impact | Sub-Industry: Environment

As humans, vegetation needs regular check ups to stay healthy. Specially with wildfires that can destroy it all.
Robbi Forests analyses vegetation to prevent wildfires. Our software uses AI to process data from drones and identify the risks in the vegetation.

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About the 2022 U.S. Early Stage Community Choice Award

The Community Choice Award engages the MassChallenge Community and the startup’s network of supporters through Startup Showcase and online voting. During Startup Showcase, attendees were asked to score startup pitches throughout the day on a scale of 1 - 10.

The top five startups were notified after Showcase and are now featured in a final round of judging here. The Community Choice Award winner will receive $25,000!

This public voting website will be live from October 3 through October 14. In addition to receiving the $25,000 Community Choice Award prize, the winner will be celebrated at the annual MassChallenge Awards event in February 2023. Learn more about Resolve: The MassChallenge Summit and Awards

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