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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to pledge? 
There’s no time like the present! Joking aside, we know that this is a big decision, so you can pledge at any time after your program. 

What types of pledge can I make? 
A cash amount or a percentage of your proceeds. You can also decide those details later when you are ready to fulfill your pledge.

What does the MassChallenge Pledge aim to achieve?
When entrepreneurs step up and publicly announce their intentions to support MassChallenge philanthropically, we hope to create a community of entrepreneurs committed to solving massive challenges through their businesses and paving the way for the next generation of founders to do the same.

Do I need board approval?
No, you do not need board approval. The MassChallenge Pledge is a personal, non-legally binding promise made by you on an individual basis. A future donation would be funded out of personal proceeds from a liquidity event. As a result, your commitment will not be on any capitalization table.

Is there a minimum dollar amount for my MassChallenge Pledge? 
No. Every gift toMassChallenge is valued and provides entrepreneurs with access to the resources and networks they need to build their businesses. Our hope is that your MassChallenge Pledge gift is personally significant and connected to a meaningful event in your entrepreneurial journey. That gift amount will be different for everyone, but should reflect you as an entrepreneur - including your unique goals for giving back to MassChallenge.  There are many ways to support MassChallenge philanthropically. If you aren’t sure what is the best way for you, please reach out to the contact below. 

Can I pledge and donate annually in the meantime?
Yes! Our hope is that all alumni support MassChallenge with an annual donation of any amount to help keep our programs running. You can donate here. Thank you for going above and beyond!

Other questions? 
Please contact Hillary Babick, Director of Development, at hillary@masschallenge.org to learn more. 

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