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Bridge to MassChallenge Biscay is an international startup competition that identifies and accelerates the top startups in Biscay and Gipuzkoa, and connects those startups to the global market and MassChallenge's global network.


We are pleased to announce the third year of Bridge to MassChallenge Biscay, in partnership with the Biscay Regional Government of the Basque Country. Bridge to MassChallenge strengthens innovation ecosystems and drives the creation of high quality jobs by supporting entrepreneurs and connecting them to our global network. This year, we will be supporting entrepreneurs in both Biscay and Gipuzkoa.


To be eligible for the program:

  • Applicant must be an early-stage startup with at least one co-founder who is a Basque Country resident. (early-stage is less than $500K USD in dilutive funding or less than $1M USD in annual revenues.)
  • Applicant can be from any industry.
  • Applicant must be proficient in English. The official language of the application and boot camp program is English.
  • Previous B2MC Biscay boot camp participants are not eligible to apply.


Program overview

Applications for the Biscay startup competition open on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 00:00 CET and the deadline for submissions have been extended to Friday, February 16, 2018 at 13:30 CET.

Local and international expert judges will evaluate online applications to determine which 25 startups will advance to an in-person pitching round in Bilbao on March 13-16.

Following the regional application process, selected startups will participate in an intensive, multi-day, all expenses paid boot camp in Boston where they will receive:

  • Tailored training and workshops
  • One-on-one mentorship from top international experts
  • Networking opportunities
  • Unique access to the city's business ecosystem

A final pitch round during the boot camp will determine the Top 3 teams to advance to the semifinal round of the global MassChallenge competition, with a stipend provided by the Regional Government of Biscay for that opportunity.



Meet the top 4 startups of Bridge to MassChallenge Biscay 2018:

  • Asparia Glycomics: Asparia Glycomics develops new solutions for clinical diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals production with patented molecular characterization tecnology. Improving therapeutical proteins performance and developing new diagnostic tools based on glycan biomarkers of disease Asparia Glycomics will provide more effective and personalized therapeutic regimes to pacients with cancer, autoinmune and infectious diseases.
  • Dative Partners: Dative Partener enables the Digital Transformation of business, activating the hidden value of their data. We have 2 different approaches, B2B and B2C. When approaching the B2B, Dative enables companies to control the Offline and Online with a tool designed to have full control of Products, Prices, Promotions in every Point of Sale... B2C, with advanced ML we can generate uplift models in order to maximize the ROI and generate data driven marketing campaigns
  • Go4IT Solutions: Modernization of legacy software applications is a huge problem that costs over 530B$/year worldwide. This task is usually done manually, occasionally supported by off-the-shelf tools that are not easily customizable, and thus, modernized applications often require manual tweaking. Our tool Alight is a software modernization toolkit that allows us to transform older applications faster, generating 100% of the code, and keeping it tidy by taking into account each company's special requirements.
  • Heepsy: Heepsy is a tool that allows brands and agencies to find the right people to promote a product or service. More information than ever is now public about people with higher than average influence on any given field. Such personalities include athletes, artists, journalists, celebrities, professionals and experts in any given field. Through AI Heepsy is capable of aggregating all data available on all relevant people on earth and making it available to brands and agencies.


Meet the startups that participated in the Boston boot camp in April 2018:


BIOTECH FOODS: BIOTECH FOODS is a leading initiative that develops technology for the production of Cultured Meat for food processors in the world.  Cultured Meat is acknowledged as a solution to livestock production, in which animal tissue is grown in a controlled environment using cell culture technology, thereby making the raising and killing of animals for food unnecessary. This approach shows great potential of meeting all the requirements of a humane, sustainable and healthy form of meat production.


Dialecto: Dialecto is a market place to find native speakers of languages that you need to practice. We use In-App VoIP calls to talk. Anyone can become a tutor of its own language. Tutors can charge $3, $6, $9 per 30 minutes voice call. We are using collaborative economy to teach languages so we are creating a new way to earn money from home.


Hola: At Hola we believe in helping people staying healthy, but we also really enjoy food. We wish we could eat healthier without changing too much our meals. No cutting portions, no adding vegetables, just enjoying our food–even the greasy stuff–as-is. So many people face the same problem, and we are here to help. We created the oil absorbing dinnerware. We’ve researched the best way to remove between 200 and 420 calories per meal thanks to a chamber mechanism capable of absorbing the oil from foods.


INNOPRICK: Allergy is a rising worldwide health issue. Innoprick is developing a medical device and data platform for the main allergy diagnosis test (the skin prick test) which is currently performed manually. The device could help to perform more efficient diagnosis and a more objective follow-up of allergic patients under treatment. It is also a useful tool for clinical studies, allowing to perform demographic and epidemiologic studies of great scientific, social and economic interest.


OnFashion: If you want to go shopping, you could just go online and buy whatever you want. You could even go to the store try some clothes on, pick your favourites and then place an order online, once you have researched the internet to find the best offer. Well, in the fashion B2B world that's not an easy thing to do. That's why we aim to create the best, and biggest international online B2B fashion marketplace. We want to become the most reliable tool for any fashion buyers (and sellers!) worldwide.


Songlive: Songlive is a digital platform where promoters can book a band/dj for gigs at venues, bars, clubs, festivals; or for private gigs. Booking agents, fans, natural persons, events organization agents, etc can book live music. Bands/DJs announce their events on our agenda to get audience. Our tool provides a chat and booking platform and a secure payment platform. We reduce a commission to bands/ DJs from their fee. Our goal is to become the leading booking platform for bands/ DJs worldwide.


Stockare: Asset tracking for effective use by avoiding shrinkage and optimizing time and resources.


TECBIOCEL: A Pharma that produce drugs of human origin from Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) of human beings.  Tecbiocel has 2 business lines (Celulife and Pharmacel). Celulife storage the prodrugs in form of cells to be used in a future with an age younger than  age of human they came from. Pharmacel produce individual drugs from prodrugs extracted and isolated time ago or in the same moment patient need. We have to do clinical trials with these new drugs to put into the market patented cells (ATMP).


Twin&Chic: Fashion industry is the most pollutant industry in the world. The salaries are lower than the minimum salary in many producer countries. The fabrics used include toxics that are forbidden in other industries and create skin allergies in children. We only produce with organic and innovative fabrics and materials to take care of the skin. Our producers are local Spanish companies (expandable to Portuguese) which respects their workers rights and our quality requirements are very high.  


Walden: We're all creators. Being a creator is a lifestyle that requires courage and action, honesty and work. We’re here to support you, to celebrate with you and to help you do the things that you’re passionate about. Walden helps you to meet talented people and discover awesome tools to make your ideas happen. We bring people together who are driven by passion and purpose, confident that their idea will change the world. Walden is the creators' platform, a space of ideation, inspiration and work.


WREAM: My project is a social mobile application that captures users’ purchasing preferences, at any time and place, and allows to share them with their social network through a universal wishlist.

The application connects:
*Users with their purchase wishes
*Users who want to succeed when they make gifts, with what people really want to buy or receive as gift.
*Brands and online marketplace with real target interests and trends
Wream is a intelligent and social selling app."


Applications now closed

In the meantime, meet the top 15 startups coming to Boston in April 2018! Read below for more.

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Entrepreneurs participating in the 2017 B2MC Biscay  boot camp in Boston, USA.

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